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Please place orders from countries of the EU and Switzerland exclusively via the German website: > Bestellung.

METACOM 8 on DVD and for download contains all 10.000 METACOM symbols, a keyword search function in German and English and instructions in German and English. AAC materials can be compiled using the symbols. Various layout templates for most common office applications are available for this purpose.

Alongside single licences, multi-licences are available for companies and institutions which provide several DVDs for use on multiple workstations by one licence holder. You receive 5 DVDs with a multi-licence of 5, 6 DVDs with a multi-licence of 6 etc. Any licence quantity is available.

Please read the > terms of use to find out which licence you need.

If you have already purchased a DVD with an older version of METACOM (4, 5, 6 or 7), you can exchange this for the new version at a reduced update price. To do this, the old DVDs must first be returned to me.

If you are interested in METACOM 8 on DVD or for download and would like to know whether and under what conditions shipment is possible to your country, please complete the order request form.

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