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METACOM 8 terms of use

The software, including the graphics materials on the DVD or in the METACOM download file, is protected by copyright. However, with the purchase of this DVD, you acquire the right to use the software.  

If you hold an individual METACOM 8 licence as a private individual, you can use it on any device that you own or possess. This includes devices at your workplace if they are used exclusively by you or if you can ensure that the licence can only be used by you (e.g. by means of your own password-protected user area, if another person has access to the device).

If you hold one or more METACOM 8 licences as a freelancer, enterprise, institution or government authority (hereinafter: Company), you can do one of the following for each license: either (a) let a single person in your Company use the licence on one or more devices that you own or possess and that are used by that person, or (b) let multiple persons in your Company use the license on a single shared device that you own or possess. For example, a single user can use METACOM 8 on multiple devices used exclusively by said user, or multiple users can use METACOM 8 at different times on one and the same device. To clarify, please note that for each device used by multiple users, a separate licence is required.

Server licences are also allowed to be shared for use via a server, respective to the quantity of the licence (a) on exactly as many designated workspaces or (b) by exactly as many designated users at unselected workspaces or (c) to use by an undefined number of users at an undefined number of workspaces, if the number of simultaneous accesses is limited to a maximum of 1/3 of the licence quantity. Access restrictions are to be regulated server-sided.

It is permitted to copy the digital image content from the DVD or download file to a hard drive and edit them as desired, but not to provide them to third parties, unless the recipient also possesses a valid METACOM 8 licence.

It is prohibited to create copies of the DVD or download file – even if only in part – and provide these to third parties. Creation of a back up copy is allowed. Publication of the data on the DVD or in the download file in the form of proprietary digital or non-digital image libraries is also prohibited, even in modified form. If you acquire an update by exchanging the old version for a new one, you will no longer have the right to use the old version.

Materials created using METACOM 8 may be provided in printed, non-digital form (a) to a person who has their own METACOM 8 licence, or (b) for personal use to a person under your clinical, therapeutic or educational responsibility within the framework of your duties.

It is permitted to provide images on Internet sites and in printed products under certain conditions, but as a general rule this requires permission. This permission shall be granted if the images are used in a limited manner for illustration. In such cases, a copyright mark must be applied (METACOM symbols © Annette Kitzinger). Within this framework, after purchasing a METACOM licence, schools, daycare centres and institutions for persons with disabilities may publish up to 25 symbols without permission on their websites and in any printed product not commercially produced or sold (such as invitations, posters, etc.). When published on websites without requiring permission, the symbols may be up to 200 x 200 pixels and, if necessary, may be exchanged with other symbols provided no more than 50 different symbols are published per year. Please submit requests for permission by email to:

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